Answering Some Of Your Concerns About Using A VPN Service

For many people, their connection to the internet is an essential resource. Whether it is for work or communicating with friends and family, life without the internet may seem incomprehensible to you. Unfortunately, there are many security threats and issues with using the internet that many people want to counter. To this end, a virtual private network, VPN, can help you by keeping you anonymous, but if you have never used this type of service, you may need to have the following couple of questions answered. [Read More]

Running A Game Server Via Colocated Data Centers

Data centers aren't just for big businesses running websites or web-based applications. Gamers looking to start up a game server with a few friends or even a skilled server technician trying to make money on a bigger game server can lease server space from data centers with more than enough resources to handle your requests. As you look through your game server options, take the time to understand colocation and how it can help game management. [Read More]